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Tyler was a 14-year-old foster youth who was struggling with issues surrounding unconditional love and dependency. In response, Tyler was making questionable decisions that were harmful to his health and development. Attempting to distract him and help expose him to healthier relationships, his foster mom brought home an older foster dog! It was Tyler’s responsibility to take care of their newest family member. He immediately fell in love and spent his entire school break learning how to care for his new friend. With his newfound responsibilities, Tyler now had an affectionate dog to show him an example of unconditional love and healthy dependency. He quickly lost interest in his old attitudes that were damaging to his progress. His motivation during sessions with his therapist has never been higher. Now he is actively requesting to work on learning and practicing healthy boundaries, self-love, and life skills. While pet adoption is not feasible for every family, Tyler’s story is one full of hope, love, and progress.

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