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Tennyson Center for Children has served Colorado’s most neglected, abused, and traumatized children since 1904. We are known for our high standard of care across all our programs and services. These services include an accredited, Therapeutic K-12 School and Day Treatment Program with a 4:1 student-to-staff ratio on our campus and in-home and Community Programs in 12 counties across the state to provide preventive services and therapy to strengthen families with children aged 0 to adulthood. During the first half of FY21 (Oct 20 – Mar 21), 98% of families stayed together and 44% saw improved trauma symptoms across all Tennyson programs.

At Tennyson, our goal is to keep families strong and keep them together. We provide an array of community services that aims to do exactly that by creating access to therapy, skills building, and resource connection. We offer support and therapy to kids and families across Colorado – and beyond.


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The Tennyson Center for Children strives to improve the mental health and wellness of those impacted by trauma and other adverse experiences. We believe that everyone has the opportunity and support needed to learn, grow, and thrive.



We value optimistic, forward-thinking, strengths-based approaches that ultimately tap our inner joy. We believe that play recharges us all. When challenges make it hard to find joy in the work, we strive to find joy in each other and joy knowing of the impact we’ve made on those we serve.


We are always curious. We embrace learning and innovation. We are always looking for best practices. We are flexible in our approach and willing to individualize our service to produce the best possible outcome.


We can count on each other. We create stability within uncertainty. We do what we say. We are reliable and trustworthy. We foster safe environments.


We strive to bring our best, vulnerable selves. We meet the people we serve where they are. We celebrate each person’s uniqueness and create safe spaces where people can be who they are.


We care for others. We care about our teammates. We care about the people we serve. We care about our community. We recognize the suffering of others and are willing to take the necessary actions to help. We are advocates for the people we serve.

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