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Ms. Hernandez

Ms. Hernandez and her daughter were experiencing a giant upheaval in their lives. A recent event had disrupted and uprooted their daily routines. Ms. Hernandez reached out to Tennyson in search of emotional support for her daughter through our Families Together program. Our CBS team worked diligently to match the family with a Neighbor but found it difficult to find a volunteer available in their area.

After hearing about The Tennyson Center and our Families Together program, a new volunteer applied to be a Neighbor. Hoping to connect Ms. Hernandez with a Neighbor as soon as possible, our team shared her story with this volunteer. After hearing Ms. Hernandez’s story, she knew this was the family she wanted to help. The family’s story had strongly resonated with her.

She explained that she had also experienced a difficult time as a single mother while raising her son and could relate to Ms. Hernandez and her daughter. She spoke to the overwhelming feeling of being solely responsible for the family and all the complex emotions she and her son endured. Having a similar experience to Ms. Hernandez, our new volunteer decided she wanted to be their Neighbor and help them through this difficult time.

After over a month, the search was finally over. Our team was so excited to match Ms. Hernandez with their Neighbor. We think they are a great match and are hopeful to see the Hernandez family heal.

How You Can Help

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