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Every kid deserves the support and resources needed to thrive and succeed – now and forever. We built Navigation to ensure that children exiting Tennyson programs have a network of support guiding them into adulthood and beyond. This light-touch service focuses on helping children and teens maintain long-term stability after treatment in order to support a successful journey into adulthood.

Navigation plays a central role in the continuum of care for the kids and families Tennyson serves. A navigator serves as dynamic support for the families enrolled in Tennyson programming, creating an ecosystem of services, supports, and systems to help maintain long-term stability and support post-treatment.  The mission of this program is to support a successful journey to adulthood and improve outcomes for children in child welfare and behavioral health systems.

Tennyson Center for Children


Admissions: (303) 731-4845

Email: [email protected]


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