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About Tennyson Center for Children

At Tennyson Center for Children, we aim to build stronger and healthier kids and families.  Kids like Gilbert, who started his senior year of high school believing he couldn’t graduate. No one else in his family had graduated, and he was sure that he’d follow the same path. After a few months at Tennyson, Gilbert gained a new perspective and finally believed in himself, and became the first high school graduate in his family.

It’s the growth and achievements of kids like Gilbert that make Tennyson special. Many students arrive at our K-12, school-based, day-treatment program having experienced complex trauma. By integrating social, emotional, behavioral, and academic learning into the program, our students see tremendous growth. During the 2020/2021 year, we saw a 67% increase in reading proficiency and a 79% increase in math proficiency which are enormous achievements for students who typically arrive at Tennyson two to three years behind in school.

Outside of our Day Treatment Program, we also offer a multitude of child and family therapy services that provide support across Colorado – and beyond. Our wide array of Community Programs supports children, teens, adults, parents, families, foster families, and parents-to-be. We hold ourselves to a high standard of care across all our programs and services to ensure children and families receive the level of care they deserve.


We work with every child and family impacted by trauma to realize their infinite possibilities.

Tennyson Center for Children


Every kid forever.

Tennyson Center for Children


Be courageous.
Have grit.
Show compassion.
Share joy.
Do what’s best for kids and families.

Tennyson Center for Children

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