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From the start of Megan’s time at Tennyson’s Day Treatment program, she struggled with physical and verbal aggression, low motivation and self-esteem, codependency, and high anxiety. It was particularly frustrating for Megan when these maladaptive behaviors got in her way and prevented her from achieving her goals. While there were moments of hopelessness about Megan’s progress, her teachers and parents actively chose to deepen their curiosity, consistency, and care for her. And even though she consistently said he wanted to quit, Megan continued to show up every day. With her newfound support and motivation, Megan has used her perseverance and determination to grow without limits and reach her goals. She has seen so much growth that she is ready to be discharged and return to public school for the new school year! Megan’s story shows us that when students have support and believe in themselves, they can overcome any hurdle to accomplish anything.

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