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1904 Society

The 1904 Society is a group of public-minded young professionals committed to growing resources for kids and families impacted by neglect, abuse, and trauma. Named for the year that Tennyson Center for Children first opened its doors, they provide a unique service to our community by using their creativity and connections to raise awareness and funds. Members give or get a minimum of $1,904. They host peer-to-peer fundraisers, help organize or participate in volunteer days, and serve as positive role models for the kids we serve.

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Why Should You Become a Member?

The 1904 Society is a unique opportunity to put your support for Colorado kids and families into action. While youth mental health issues have soared in recent years, access to services has actually declined due to years of underfunding. Tennyson Center for Children relies on donations to meet that need, and we need your help to grow. People are more likely to support a cause they heard about from their peers, so joining the 1904 Society is the best way to ensure all kids have access to life-saving programs.

  • Give back to your community by responding to the youth mental health crisis in a meaningful way.
  • Meet other young professionals in the Denver area who are driven to create change.
  • Gain experience as a community builder.

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An excellent way for you to support Tennyson Center for Children is to leave us a bequest in your will. Here are several ways you can make a bequest to Tennyson Center for Children.

A bequest is generally a revocable gift, which means it can be changed or modified at any time. You can choose to designate that a bequest is used for a general or specific purpose so you have the peace of mind knowing that your gift will be used as intended. Bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes. If you have a taxable estate, the estate tax charitable deduction may offset or eliminate estate taxes, resulting in a larger inheritance for your heirs.

To make a bequest, you should speak with your attorney. Your attorney can help you include a bequest to Tennyson Center for Children in your estate plan. Please reach out to Jessica Snider if you have any questions.

Create Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

You can create your will online with this estate planning tool from our partner, FreeWill. It’s secure, easy to use, and 100% free. While you create your plans, you’ll also have the opportunity to establish your legacy with Tennyson through a bequest in your will. If you would prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, you can save time with your lawyer by using FreeWill to document your wishes first.

If you have already included a gift to Tennyson in your estate plans but have not yet notified us, please fill out this short form so we can thank you for your lasting commitment.

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