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Corporate Engagement

Whether your company has two employees or two-thousand employees, there’s a place waiting for you in our family of corporate sponsors. When it comes to corporate employee engagement, we have volunteer and employee matched contributions opportunities for our corporate partners.

We are constantly tailoring corporate events to match our corporate partners’ interests and values. Options include opportunities like adopting a cottage or classroom with naming rights, hosting a day of giving back, and others. Please contact Stephanie Hearn for more information.


Group Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate and group volunteer opportunities are perfect for organizations and groups that would like to participate in a special activity at Tennyson Center. Not only do group projects provide an immediate benefit to the kids and families we serve, but they can also be a great way to promote employee engagement.


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There are many opportunities to sponsor campaigns with Tennyson throughout the year. Depending on your level of sponsorship, your organization will gain multiple benefits including logo and brand recognition in paid social campaigns and email blasts, brand mention in radio and tv ads, and more!

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Event Sponsorship


Each year, Tennyson hosts fun and inspiring events that engage the community to help support our programs, services, and our overall mission. These events include FORE! Our Kids Golf Classic, Mile High Country Q & Brew, We Love Colorado virtual silent auction, Denver Dinner, and more!


Employee Matched Contributions

Employee matching gifts are donations an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. To find out how your employer can match your donation to Tennyson Center for Children, follow these easy guidelines:

1. Contact Human Resources
You have decided to make a contribution to Tennyson Center for Children — thank you! First, please contact
your employer’s Human Resources department. Each organization has their own matching gift programs;
therefore you will need to acquire details about your specific program through Human Resources.

2. Contact Tennyson Center for Children
After receiving the necessary information and documentation from your Human Resources department,
please contact a Tennyson Center for Children staff member in order to receive our appropriate documents to
complete the matching gift process.

Please contact Development Operations Manager, Nick Wininger at [email protected] for any
questions or concerns.

3. Submit Documentation
After completing the documentation from your Human Resources department and Tennyson Center for
Children, please submit documents to the appropriate party. Thank you for supporting our children and

Employee Match Information



For more information on corporate employee engagement with Tennyson Center for Children, or to learn more about workplace giving presentations, reach out to Nick Wininger, at [email protected].

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