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Class of 2020

Our children and families prove time and again their resilience, strength, and fortitude in the face of adversity.

At Tennyson Center for Children, we are committed to guiding Colorado’s most vulnerable onto a pathway of success and a bright future.

Last year we celebrated our first graduate in Tennyson’s 116-year history. Through our Adaptive Skills for People with Emotional Needs (ASPEN) Program and support from our caring staff, he was the first to earn a high school diploma from Tennyson. This was a major milestone for this student, who faced difficulties in the public school system. He paved the way for this year’s graduates.

This May, we celebrated seven new graduates from our licensed K-12 school — our first ever graduating class! Like many students across the globe, these exceptional kids were unable to be honored at a true graduation ceremony. Because they deserve a celebration even amidst a pandemic, teachers and staff recognized their accomplishments with an auto-parade, which included 211 miles of logged travel through Colorado to these students’ homes, from Bailey to Bennett. The car caravan included celebratory decorations, honking, and signs.

Sammie, Sebastian, Jimmy, Austin, Winter, and two other graduates (names protected) are embarking on their next steps in life and are confident, promising young adults!

Our staff and teachers guided these resilient, hardworking graduates into a future filled with endless possibilities. Success stories like these are made possible by supporters like you who help our programs and services thrive.

Together, even in trying times, we can build strong foundations for future generations.

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