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FY22 Annual Report

Kids and families come to us each year to begin a process of transformation and healing. That first step is an incredible act of courage and hope, and they deserve to be met with the highest standards of care. Tennyson…

FY21 Annual Report

The mission of Tennyson Center for Children is to work with every child and family impacted by trauma so they can realize their infinite possibilities.

Field Day 2022

Thank you to everyone who helped make Field Day a success! Kids in our School & Day Treatment played games, ate BBQ, and even dunked their favorite teachers in water. Volunteers from Liberty Energy, Triunity Engineering, and Regis High School…


When we talk about child abuse, many of us picture physical violence. However, neglect is far more common and causes a wider range of trauma. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that a child in your local school is lacking nutrition, warm…

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