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Clarkson Family

Rewiring services can reach children and families that may not otherwise have access to the appropriate type or level of service. We’ve found that some families are not covered to receive in-home support or case management under their insurance provider. Historically, families are not offered an in-home level of support for several hours a week until they have already reached a crisis.

A few months ago, we began working with the Clarkson family, who had recently experienced a traumatic event. The eldest son began to present with increasing depression and was on the verge of hospitalization. The family’s insurance would not allow for increased hours unless the family significantly increased their out-of-pocket expense. They could not have afforded this, which meant they could not access the care he needed. Rewiring services allowed this teen to reduce his symptoms of depression, avoid psychiatric hospitalization, and better communicate with his family.

Additionally, the Clarkson Family learned how to better attune to their child and recognize their own needs as a family. Now, the family is much more stable and moving toward a successful discharge from the program!

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