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Hall Family

The Hall family started work with our Rewiring program after their 12-year-old daughter had multiple stays in and out of the hospital. She was in her 4th mental health hold of the year for suicidal ideation, and her parents were understandably exhausted and out of ideas. The mother felt hopeless as she couldn’t imagine anything else that could help her daughter. At this point, her behaviors were scary for her parents, but they also started to affect the other kids in the family.

Our Rewiring team was able to meet with the family within 24 hours of their initial call. They quickly began supporting the family by planning for the child’s discharge from the hospital. Upon assessment, it became clear that the relationship between the child and the rest of her family was strained. The family was stuck in a cycle of unhealthy conflict and communication. To help them break this cycle, their therapist introduced Functional Family Therapy (FFT), an evidence-based model proven to support families in rebuilding their connections, learning new ways to communicate, and increasing overall warmth and happiness in the family system.

Through their work, the family interrupted the cycle of hospitalizations for their daughter. More importantly, the family reported understanding the child on a much deeper level, including the intention behind her behaviors due to the FFT therapist’s interventions. The new relationships formed through therapy have allowed the entire family to spend more quality time together. The parents have expressed that they felt hopeful for the family for the first time in a long time. Through Rewiring, the Hall family had a new pathway to get urgent mental health supports that had not previously existed.

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