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Families Together

Founded in 2017, Families Together (formerly Foster Together) connects families who feel isolated with volunteer “Neighbors” who want to prove they’re not alone. Neighbors deliver meals, groceries, or care packages to one specific family for six months, building a friendship through encouraging notes and phone calls. This community support helps stabilize families and children, giving them the support they need to be successful together.

Acquired by Tennyson Center in 2020, our newest program now compliments our intensive therapies both on campus and in homes across Colorado. With more support, families succeed at integrating children back into stable homes – often a foster or kinship home – adding a Neighbor’s protective layer of community support to the healing process.


A Neighbor is a volunteer who shows up at least once a month with dinner, groceries or a freezer meal for a family who needs support in raising children. Our volunteers build a friendship with their matched family, customizing their monthly deliveries to specific needs and wants. We act as the matchmaker between volunteers and families, freeing you to build a happy, simple, supportive friendship to last for years.

You can click here to apply. After you’ve applied, we will send you a link to our short orientation. Once you complete the orientation, we will start looking for a Neighbor within 15 miles of you.

Each volunteer (or “Neighbor”) will be asked to complete a full background check.

The minimum commitment is dropping off one meal per month. We ask our volunteers for a six month commitment. Feel free to get creative! If breakfast is more helpful than dinner, do that. If take-out is more appealing than homemade, you are welcome to pursue that route! Some Neighbors are willing to drop off more than once a month, but that is up to the Neighbor and family to decide. If you are a family, please be specific with your food preferences, allergies, and/or specific dietary needs so that the Neighbor can bring you food that works for your family.

We welcome all families who need a little extra support.

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and require our volunteers and families to follow current local health department guidelines.

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