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When Lucy (8) came to Tennyson Center, she had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. As a result, she was emotionally detached. Anytime she felt an emotion, she didn’t know how to react to it and ended up screaming, yelling and hitting anything and everything around her. She was removed from her parents and had been in 15 different foster homes. She was referred to Tennyson Center as a last resort.

After living at Tennyson Center for two years, Lucy was able to heal from her past traumas. With play therapy (therapy that uses toys and play to help children express themselves) and equine therapy (therapy with horses), Lucy began to feel safe and comfortable. She learned how to trust others again, take care of herself and form relationships with others.

Our team of therapists found an adoptive home for her. She is thriving in public school and living with her new family. Thanks to your support, Lucy received the help she needed to learn how to be a child again.

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