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Staff Spotlight: Greg Holloway

Meet Greg Holloway. He’s the Director of Life Skills and the manager of Denver’s most exclusive coffee shop.

Q: Describe the Life Skills program in your own words.
A: We give kids in our middle school and high school the chance to learn vocational and independent living skills. We run a coffee cart and a drink cart for the staff on campus…actually, they run it and I hover. They plan menus, navigate a grocery store, bake, cook, greet customers, take orders, and handle money. They also help with the recycling program and set up school events like Operation Santa. The goal is to help them become independent adults who take care of themselves and the community.

Q: What does success look like?
A: There’s been some good, warm fuzzy moments. There was a student who spent a lot of time helping with Operation Santa, moving tons and tons of gifts, and he mentioned how good it felt to play a role in providing that experience for all the other kids and families.

Q: What would you like everyone to know about the kids you partner with?
A: There are a lot of kids here who are really hard workers and who contribute a lot to this place. Life Skills is kind of like a bonus. You have to be on track with your academics and show good behavior, so the kids work hard to be a part of this program, and they love doing it.

Q: How would you like to expand the program?
A: I would love to start getting kids into the greater community more through service learning. It’s empowering to give back.

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