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Program Spotlight: Families Together

Isolation often leads to desperation. Families Together empowers neighbors to step in with meals, friendship, and childcare services. Many of the people looking for these volunteer neighbors are single mothers.

Dahlia is a single mother to five children. During COVID, she struggled to balance taking care of her children with managing her own mental health. She joined Families Together with the hopes of finding some extra time to form healthy habits. She wants to be a great role model for her kids.

Brooke was left alone to manage her son’s autism. Out of desperation, she turned to Craigslist for an affordable babysitter. Soon after, she realized this babysitter was abusing her son. Families Together connected her with a volunteer neighbor, Brie, who earned the family’s trust on supervised playdates. Now, Brie has a safe place to bring her child.

Rachel has three kids ages 17, 10, and 3. Lately, the age gaps have been pulling her in too many directions. She’s overwhelmed with all they require. Rachel feels like her mental health has been declining over the last year. She is excited to have another friend in her corner.

$100 means one volunteer neighbor for a family in crisis.

For Child Abuse Prevention Month, you can connect a family in crisis with a supportive neighbor. It costs $100 to train a volunteer, complete a background check, match them with a family, and provide ongoing support.

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