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In Memory of Ernest Clore

We recently learned of the passing of Ernest Clore, who was placed in the care of Colorado Christian Home (Tennyson Center for Children’s founding organization) for eight years as a child. We had the opportunity to meet with Ernie’s daughter, Tawnja Harty, who shared wonderful stories about her father and his experiences at Colorado Christian Home.

Ernie lived at the Colorado Christian Home from the late 1940s through the early 1950s from age 10-18.  He often told his children that Colorado Christian Home gave him a solid foundation and a safe place to grow up and explore his passions, one of which was photography. His passion for photography continued throughout his life. There was even a ring around the bathtub in their home from him developing his photographs over the years.

After leaving Colorado Christian Home, Ernest went into the Navy. He was married for 60 years and raised a wonderful family. Ernest made sure that Colorado Christian Home was always a part of the Clore children’s lives. As a family, they often went to gatherings and picnics to support Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home. Tawnja, his daughter, remembers her dad making eggs benedict for hundreds of people on one occasion. Tennyson Center was their community. So much so that Mattie DeVita and Helen Mohorter, who ran Colorado Christian Home in the 1940s and 1950s, were affectionately called Grandma DeVita and Aunt Helen. Both Mattie and Helen helped raise Ernie.

Tawnja offers her deep thanks to all the dedicated individuals who care so deeply for these children and reminds us that anyone can make an impact on their lives. Ernest’s memory also reminds us what Tennyson is about at its core; supporting children and families for over 120 years. Thank you to Ernest and the Clore family for their lifelong support and commitment to Colorado’s most vulnerable children and families.

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