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Carter’s Story

Maria and her husband picked Carter up from the hospital when he was thirty-six hours old. He was born addicted to drugs and suffered his first seizure after just nine months. When he was ten months old, he had a static seizure. His brain was stuck. They spent four days in the hospital waiting to see if he would regain the skills he had lost.

Carter has since been diagnosed with an intellectual disability, autism, generalized anxiety, epilepsy, speech delays, and ADHD. Maria will tell you, “Carter is the most amazing child on the planet. To know him is to fall in love with complexities.” Carter’s school could not keep him safe though, and he entered four different elementary programs. At one point, Maria and her husband, Chris, talked seriously about who would leave their career to support Carter full-time.

When Carter joined Tennyson’s school and day treatment program, it was “life-changing.” He receives special education services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health support.

Abuse and neglect takes many forms, including in-utero drug exposure. Thanks to our donors’ loyalty, Tennyson has supported kids and families in crisis for over 117 years.

“Their commitment is unlike anywhere else. They know these kids deeply and help them find the next best version of themselves.”
—Maria Snitily, Tennyson Parent

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