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Arriving at Tennyson from an abusive home one winter with only a suitcase full of belongings, Amber was hesitant to get close to anyone – let alone socialize. Nevertheless, a couple of summers ago she worked up the nerve to participate in the “Kids Putting Challenge” at our annual FORE! Our Kids Golf Tournament. She teamed up with a player who was also a longtime supporter and, with his coaching, sunk a hole in one at 65 feet! She was ecstatic.

A few months later we hosted a big meeting at Tennyson with a group of executives, including Amber’s partner (this was before the pandemic!). During a tour of campus, the group wandered into Amber’s classroom. The moment Amber spotted her partner she shouted out his name and said, ‘Do you remember me?!’ and he said, ‘Yes I do, Amber.’ She came over and gave him a hug – which represented more progress than we could have imagined for her!

This is the kind of impact your support has on children and families. Even though we can’t join together in person right now, our kids and families feel and know the care and support pouring into the Center right now.

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