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Colorado Children and Families

Spring 2021 Newsletter


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From the CEO

In many ways, 2020 was a year of “doing more with less.” Many businesses had to pivot, reduce capacity, or even close. Our networks of friends and family had to adapt, tighten their social circles, and lessen in many facets of their lives as well. The families and kids we are honored to serve were particularly impacted by isolation and limited access to basic needs. But instead of seeing darkness, our kids, families, and staff have met these challenges by moving into light with open hearts and minds, finding creative solutions that can only be described as inspiring.

For Tennyson and other residential facilities like ours, big changes through the Family First Prevention Services Act mean that we will be required to serve fewer kids in our residential treatment program. We will only be allowed 16 beds maximum. While this is a big shift, we believe it is for all the right reasons. It’s a mandate meant to ensure that children remain with families instead of in residential care, which is what’s best for kids and families. Tennyson fully supports this change and believes it will lead to creative solutions across the sector that ultimately result in a system of child wellbeing.

While a change like this appears to be doing less for kids, we are in fact doing more by ensuring kids and families stay together while providing them with a pathway to long-term success. As such, we partnered with Families Together in 2020 to better support our community based families in new ways. Recently we opened an assessment center to help keep kids with families and out of residential care and launched outpatient services that will serve both children and adults. In 2021, we will be implementing Child First, a model focusing on early childhood intervention and prevention. Finally, Rewiring is entering its second year with several of our ten participating counties launching supports like family resource centers and Granny Armies.

In this new year, we are excited to grow in new and better ways that support child and family wellbeing. Thank you for the care, optimism, and support you bring. Together we are building a better world for children, families, and communities. We look forward to a year full of growth and transformation.


Click here to see the full Newsletter.

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