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Start Your Own Neighbors Program

Bring Neighbors to Your Community or Agency

Social isolation leads to caregiver burnout, family stress, or even neglect and abuse. Friendly, practical support can transform these difficult family situations from lonely to hopeful. Families Together contracts with individuals and agencies across the country who want to start a Neighbors program to support families in their community. Click below to learn more about our Do It Yourself (DIY) or agency partnerships.

You too can connect isolated families (bio, foster, adoptive, reunified, and kinship) with people who want to support them one meal at a time. Over the past four years, our team of real-life moms, foster parents, therapists, and social workers have fine-tuned our system to match over 300 families who need support with Neighbors who want to offer it. Now, we’re ready to coach you through the process!

Neighbor Programs are already active in twelve communities, but there are many more families in need. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s talk!

DIY: Launch Neighbors in your area    Agencies: Let us match your families

DIY Neighbors Program

Bring Neighbors to Your Community

When you become a DIY Neighbor Host, we walk you through the process of launching a Neighbors program to make building stronger families in your area as straightforward as possible. By giving you access to our Neighbor-training, family orientation, and stories, we’ll give you the individualized coaching and tools to bring Neighbors to your community.

DIY Contracts Include

  • Trauma-informed, clinician-reviewed volunteer training
  • Marketing strategies and specific storytelling techniques to recruit volunteers and families
  • Coaching through various tech options to streamline your process
  • Community with others around the world who are launching at the same time
  • Live coaching calls with our staff to walk you through each step
  • Fundraising tips to help you raise the implementation fee
  • Recruitment & application materials
  • Full access to our unique online volunteer training
  • Live training sessions
  • Training for your staff

Request More Info

Email us and tell us more about your vision and one of our team members will be in touch.

Ready to sign up for DIY bootcamp? Get started here!

Neighbors Agency Partnership

Bring Neighbors to Your Agency

When your agency contracts with Families Together, we make supporting your families easy. You connect us with the families, and we do the rest. Our dedicated team will vet, recruit, train, and match Neighbors to provide relief from day one. Our Neighbors are more than just volunteers. They are dedicated members of their community eager to provide your families with the support and encouragement needed to help them keep caring for their kids in meaningful ways.

Families Matched with a Neighbor Receive

  • Local trauma-trained Neighbors to provide monthly meal or grocery deliveries
  • Support customized to the exact needs and desires of the family
  • Friendship, encouragement, and a listening ear
  • A six month minimum commitment per match
  • Program training and unlimited access to our experienced support staff
  • Opportunity to provide program feedback through our monthly support survey
  • Access to Tennyson Center for Children intensive therapy and day treatment programs

Request More Info

Email us and tell us more about your vision and we’ll see how we can share the load of supporting families, together.

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