Recent Stories


When Lucy (8) came to Tennyson Center, she had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. As a result, she was emotionally detached. Anytime she felt an emotion, she didn’t know how to react to it and ended up screaming, yelling and hitting anything and everything around her. She was removed from her parents and had been in 15 different foster homes. She was referred to Tennyson Center as a last resort.


Seven-year-old Amelia was being sexually abused by her father. When her mom found out, she filed for divorce and moved out of their home. Due to the trauma of abuse, Amelia was harming herself and struggling with serious emotions and was being hospitalized almost weekly.


Do you remember what it felt like to be seven years old? Close your eyes and picture yourself at seven playing on the swings with your best friend. Now imagine a seven year old living in a home where violence and neglect were everyday occurrences and the solution was to move from county to county to avoid being discovered. Until one day your mom has had enough and you witness her murder your step-father.


Picture a 5th grade classroom, state capitals on the wall, full of 10 year old children chatting with their friends, getting ready for recess. Max is not there. Max has not been in school for over six months.