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What does it mean to say we want to “Stand in the Gap” for kids? It means that while Colorado has a great system to support kids and families experiencing or at risk of trauma, child abuse or neglect, there are still gaps. All of us need to work together in a fundamentally different way to fill them.

In 2018, Tennyson Center for Children began hosting a series of frank, powerful discussions called the Stand in the Gap. The series highlights the “gaps” in the system as well as the individuals and organizations working to fill them every day. The video series is paired with an action-oriented Facebook Group that dives even deeper into specific child welfare issues facing our state.

Season 1’s episodes were streamed live and were hosted from pivotal locations in our community—such as the Denver Art Museum, Pride Parade, Prodigy Coffee House, and others—and were broadcast via Facebook to thousands across Colorado and the United States. They featured honest conversations with experts, families, foster parents, caseworkers, advocates, and others who were involved with child welfare in our state in some way, whether as workers, clients, or non-sector allies.

Season 2’s episodes will dive deeper into the stories of child welfare across Colorado and beyond, using more of a documentary-style approach.

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Creating Better Outcomes for At-Risk Youth

Our goal for these sessions will both help people to understand how the child welfare system currently works and open a dialogue around how we can work together, as a community, to create even better outcomes for children and families who are either at-risk or have endured trauma.

Sector leaders are forging ahead with new ideas and programs set to tackle current challenges in Colorado’s child welfare system, and “Standing in the Gap” will illuminate these initiatives and highlight ways people interested in standing in support of children can engage to make Colorado even better.

How can you Stand in the Gap?


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can provide clothing for a student for one year

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