Still Inspired by the Denver Dinner

I, like you, attended my first Tennyson Center for Children Denver Dinner this past October. And I, like you I hope, was enthralled.

I was so enthralled in fact that I decided to pursue and eventually accept Tennyson Center’s vacant CEO position.

The power of Tennyson Center was on vivid display at the Denver Dinner and fills the halls each day as I step foot in our amazing building.

If you recall, we all met the Larsen family at the Denver Dinner. They spoke with passion and emotion of their decision to adopt Kayla. The Larsen’s story was an amazing, hopeful and optimistic tale that showed that children heal at Tennyson Center and are successfully reintegrated back into families, schools and our broader Colorado community in profoundly positive ways.

I have seen Kayla’s story played out over and over again in my short time here, and wanted to share some of these stories with you.

A girl I know recently came and painted a picture of a flower with her hand prints on my wall as she transitioned from Tennyson to a new “forever” family, and she is thriving by all accounts. She painted a flower because she blossomed at Tennyson, and was ready to move ahead.

I think of her every day!

I recently met a young man and his fiancé who told me that he is now studying social work so he can come to work at Tennyson and help kids who, like him, passed through here as they healed. “Tennyson,” he told me, “saved my life and I want the kids at Tennyson to see someone who spent time here and is now in a healthy relationship, is a healthy adult and ready to give back to kids like him who need our help”.

Tennyson Center for Children is a remarkable place where children find their feet, heal and reintegrate in ways that make Colorado a better place to live. We surged past 1 million hours of direct care last year and continue to keep families together and kids in schools. We are expanding our services to other parts of Colorado in desperate need of our support, and I believe we will replicate Kayla’s joyous story over and over again throughout the state.

Because no kid should have to struggle with the trauma they experience alone. We welcome all, and are dedicated to ensuring that all kids who pass through our doors heal and flourish as adults.

It all started for me at the Denver Dinner where I, like you I imagine, left feeling that Tennyson Center was special.

I am asking you to join us as we transform the lives of children throughout Colorado, with the goal of making Colorado the leading state in the nation that helps kids overcome trauma. I am asking you to invest in Tennyson as I believe you, like me, believe that these kids have a real chance to succeed if they get the help that Tennyson offers. I am asking you to be a driver of healing and hope for kids that so many have given up on, yet who, with our support, can rewrite their life stories in ways that will continue to make Colorado a remarkable place to live.

Please consider an investment in Tennyson Center that will transform lives and enable us to scale our work so that more kids like Kayla have a chance at a fulfilled and enriched life.

I thank you for your support, and appreciate your consideration, Edward D Breslin, CEO

About Tennyson Center for Children

Tennyson Center for Children provides residential, in-home, and K-12 classroom-based therapeutic services to Colorado children. The children Tennyson Center for Children serves are survivors of severe abuse or neglect or have significant mental health or developmental issues. Tennyson Center is often seen as the last resort for children who have nowhere else to go. Tennyson Center for Children has been changing lives and giving hope to children and families since 1904.

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