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Trauma doesn’t pause, and neither do we.

Tennyson’s children and families are among Colorado’s most vulnerable and the support of the community counts now more than ever.

Your contribution allows children and families on stabilizing journey access to resources and makes it possible for them to continue their hard, healing work during this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

As a non-profit, we rely heavily on your generosity to continue our work. Anything helps, single donation or monthly, and any amount is greatly appreciated.

Support Tennyson through a donation!

One Time Donation Monthly Donor CARES Act & Your Donation

Your Donation’s Impact

We’ve pulled together a list of costs associated with our services to help frame how your contributions impact our work:

  • $5,000 = Breakfast for entire campus for a month
  • $1,000 = Services for one family in Warren Village
  • $500 = One night in our Special Services Unit
  • $250 = Two-hour therapy session
  • $100 = Classroom supplies
  • $75 = Dinner in a cottage for one night (Tennyson has four cottages)
  • $50 = Bedding for a new client
  • $35 = Lunch for a child for a week
  • $25 = Movie night

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