With Everyone...Forever

Ned Breslin

From TEDxBoulder:

“I believe we can build the world that we all imagine. Where forgiveness and hope, reconciliation and healing, flood over us and cleanse us all. It happens when we decide that everyone truly means everyone, and we walk towards people in green chairs instead of walking away. It’s a world where we block instead of tackle, where thoughts and prayers turn to action, and it’s a world where we walk in kinship with one another. With everyone…forever.” - Ned Breslin ###

Colorado has a great system to support kids and families experiencing trauma, child abuse or neglect. But there are still gaps. Alongside our CEO Ned Breslin, the Tennyson Center for Children is combining community-based services with day and residential treatment programs, and building a network of game changers who, working together, will fundamentally change the child welfare system and how kids and families navigate it.

Watch the video above for Ned’s full TEDxBoulder Talk. Click the link below to find out how you can help.

How You Can Help