Lettuce Turnip the Beet...On Science Education

Dr. Shea & Alex Lippincott

Dr. Marilyn Shea brings with her 30 years of teaching experience, a deep enthusiasm for experiential education, and just a dash of mad scientist.

Alex Lippincott spent several years working in ecological education throughout Latin America before venturing out of the jungle, and to Denver.

The third and perhaps most vital member of the science team is the new and thriving Healing Garden. Since last spring, students have participated in growing their own food by planting, watering, and weeding the garden.

As we embark on a new school year, we will continue to use this space as a laboratory for hands-on learning. Students will be encouraged to get their hands dirty as they explore such topics as environmental science & ecology, nutrition & wellness, and sustainability. What’s more, students will be asked to take the lead, choosing areas of scientific study that they wish to pursue. We could not be more excited about what lies ahead, as this program grows and blossoms!

Deepest thanks to Amp The Cause, The Bardsley Family Foundation, Colorado Garden Foundation, Milender White and Leprino Foods for making the healing garden dream a reality.

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