From the CO Sun: Let’s help struggling families before bad situations spiral into abuse and neglect

Ned Breslin

What a particularly crummy few weeks for kids.

The Trump Administration just announced that children at our borders can be detained indefinitely in the same week that we learn the extent of abuse detained children placed in foster care face across the country.

Colorado children have fared no better. The state’s Child Protection Ombudsman released her long anticipated report on the systematic abuse of children at the now defunct El Pueblo Boys and Girls Home.

Edward “Ned” Breslin Jennifer Brown, a reporter at The Colorado Sun, rightly asks why it took so long to intervene when evidence of abuse, neglect and re-traumatization was so profound.

On top of this, a report emerged last week about restraint tactics used in Colorado youth correction facilities that have been likened to “torture” by other states.

Lots of suffering children, combined with insufficient institutional responses, tear at our already delicate social fabric in ways that ripple far and wide.

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