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Repost: The Feds Changed My Business Model — And That’s A Good Thing

Repost: The feds changed my business model — and that’s a good thing

Excerpt from Denver Business Journal. Read the full article here

“The federal government is telling me how to run my organization, and I couldn’t be happier. Our business model, and that of similar child welfare facilities caring for children not living with families, will never be the same thanks to the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), which is the most significant overhaul of child welfare in three decades.

…I believe the proposed changes are better for children, taxpayers and all who believe that Colorado families should thrive and not be broken apart. Our ‘business’ must adjust for the good of kids.

…Sparks are set to fly. Some facilities will not be able to create a viable business plan that meets the children’s needs. Others will highlight a lack of appropriate foster families in Colorado which ultimately threatens this plan, while still others may push to completely eliminate residential from the child welfare landscape, or call for the complete abolition of child welfare.

In contrast, I am intrigued and curious, and I am embracing this moment as an important step toward a world where children and families thrive in homes. If successful, could we actually create a world where residential is simply not needed or even becomes irrelevant?”

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Ned Breslin, President & CEO | Tennyson Center for Children

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