The Tennyson Center for Children invests in understanding the impact of our work—children and parents deserve accountability, we demand it of ourselves, and we use data to constantly ask “how can we improve?”

Recent Results

El Paso Impact 2018

  • 100% of children Tennyson Center worked with remained in their schools
  • 89% remained in their homes
  • 89% avoided police contact
  • 60% saw significant functioning because of our therapeutic support

Bringing Data to Life

Every year, for the past four years, a family Tennyson Center works with has found themselves in crisis, and hospitalized, around Christmas as the trauma of the past was rekindled. This is common. Children and families who have experienced trauma often struggle and are triggered around the holidays. In this case, the family and Tennyson staff built a key part of their “Safety Plan” around breaking this cycle.

The clinician set up respite – a small break from their world—to proactively provide this child and family space to breathe and recover to prevent the crisis from happening and to break the cycle of reliance on the hospital. The clinician found success utilizing attachment interventions with the entire family, mindfulness practices, and a strengths-based approach to healing. Most importantly, the clinician built a reliable, foundational “hey, we’re here” relationship with this child and their family.

The primary message: you are not alone.

December 2018 came and went, and because of the work the child and family did, it was the first December the family spent at home, and not in the hospital, in four years.