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Impact is at the center of our organization. Data leads programs, partners, and counties to make better informed decisions that improve the quality of outcomes for the kids and families that we serve.

4.0 Quarterly Reports

We measure impact in specific counties on a quarterly basis. Click below to view county-specific and agency-wide data.

Agency Totals                Douglas

Adams                            El Paso

Arapahoe                       Jefferson

Boulder                          Weld/Larimer


Monitoring Impact at Tennyson

Tennyson does not accept the poor outcomes associated with trauma-impacted youth and families and commits to improving immediate long-term and life course outcomes through monitoring the results of our work.

Our impact department leads programs toward the ability to make better informed decisions that improve quality outcomes to drive strategic decisions as an agency and to fundamentally change and improve programs to help kids and families

Impact data supports accountability in all areas of the agency. Additionally, Tennyson and its partners have a vested interest in understanding the impact of Tennyson’s work, and children and families deserve this information as well. Download our 4.0 Data document here.

Monitoring for impact is a function of all Tennyson programs. Our goals:

  • Share impact and outcomes data with programs, counties, and the public;
  • Empower our leadership and programs to utilize this data in order make more informed decisions that better serve kids and families; and
  • Work towards the building of a model that maps new and better ways for kids and money to move through the child welfare system and, ultimately, eliminate the need for the intensive care services and interventions associated with trauma.



Do you want to learn more about impact at Tennyson?

Contact: [email protected]

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