Help kids who need it most by giving your time. Volunteers are one of our most valuable assets.

1,000 volunteers that donate their time each year

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Mentoring
  • Spending time on a regular basis with a cottage or classroom
  • Assisting staff with outings and events for the kids
  • Helping out at one of our many events throughout the year
  • Home improvements for our residential cottages
  • And more…

Watch this video to learn more about volunteering at Tennyson Center.

We can never have enough volunteers and opportunities are always available for qualified individuals or groups who would like to donate their time.

To learn more about volunteering or to become a volunteer, fill out this form. To volunteer directly with the children, you will be required to attend a Volunteer Training. After you complete the application, our Manager of Volunteer Services will follow up with you.

Group Opportunities

Many service organizations volunteer at Tennyson Center. Activities include:

  • Reading with the kids
  • Sporting and recreational activities
  • Game nights
  • Cooking nights
  • Bowling leagues
  • Holiday outings
  • And so much more.

By spending time with the children, you’re giving something of immeasurable value to our mission. To the kids, you become a mentor, a role model, even a teacher.  But, more importantly, you become a friend. To learn more about group opportunities, contact our Manager of Volunteer Services.